What we do is deliver

quality results in...

  • highly effective training & coaching programs

  • high impact learning experience

  • understanding your behavior

  • understanding behavior of others

  • understanding your style of communication

  • understanding the communication style of others

  • understanding your style of leadership and that of others

  • the simulation experience

  • the outdoor experience

  • the out-of-the-box experience

  • personal development and mentally well-being

  • team development

  • leadership development

  • recognize and regulate stress

  • safety awareness and much more...

Our training location is located in Emst, on the edge of the Veluwe natural area. One of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands.

Beside our training location we make use of the Fletcher Restaurant Hotel - De Mallejan in Vierhouten for our indoor program, sleeping accommodations and catering facilities.

We deliberately opted for multi-day training courses so that gained knowledge and skills can be guaranteed. Experience has taught us that this approach is highly effective and guarantees success.

This is why we maintain an 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

"And it is rather naive to assume that behavior can be changed within just one day!"