Together is Better Program

Together, the participants will explore a flow of different learning tools in a slightly different and highly intense 5-day program. Working in teams all the time, the participants will be challenged to deeply reflect on their own behavior as an individual and in a leadership role and offer them an experience which is hard to exceed.


They will be exposed to a virtual challenge, where they are asked to effectively create a buy-in of a virtual team. This challenge can only be mastered if they and their teammates transfer all their collective knowledge and shared experiences into the situation, understanding the present workforce - just in real life.

The subjects during this 5-days program:

  • behavior and communication styles

  • HEISS program

  • in and- outdoor activities

  • leadership

  • cooperation/challenges/respectful confrontations

  • mental resilience

  • and a lot more...

This 5-days program includes:

  • 4 overnight stays

  • breakfast/lunches/diners etc.

  • personal Q4 profile

  • personal notebook

  • personal KeyCard

  • inspiration/motivation/experience/confrontation/knowledge and also fun!