Team Programs

Code/Link       Program:                                                                                      

BTDP               Basic Team Development                                                    

ATDP               Advanced Team Development                                            

BCP                  Behavior in Crisis-situations                                             

TIBP                 Together is Better                                                                 

CAP                  Cultural Awareness                                                              

MPP                 Mental (Health)Power**                                                      

GBGSP             GRIP on Behavior = GRIP on Safety                                    

SMLCP             Senior Management Leadership & Communication    

MSMLCP         Master Class                                                                      

BLDP                Basic Leadership Development                                           

ALDP                Advanced Leadership Development                                  

HESP                Human Element in Sales                                                       

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  1. If your training is not listed? Call or email and ask for an customized program.

  2. HDEPP reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a program when the minimum number of participants  has not been notified.

  3. Where it concerns the safety rules and procedures of a company, the content of the program can be adapted to the specific needs of that client.

  4. If necessary or desired, certain parts of a program can be done in-company. This only after mutual consultation and agreement, and that the quality of the program can be guaranteed.

  5. Implementation of the HEISS program or involvement of Lloyd's MR will effect the duration and costs of an standard training program. An exception applies to the program Together is Better. HEISS herein is a standard component.


  The Master Class Sr.MLC is only available for those who participate successfully the SMLCP.

** Special coaching & training program for participants to become mentally well and strong (again).

*** Transport:

Transportation of participants (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Vierhouten - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) is inclusive.