Mental (Health) Power Program

An increasingly complex society accelerates the rhythm of our daily lives. We are constantly faced with the choice of either fighting or fleeing! The primal reaction of our bodies in case of danger. The importance of the mental and physical health of seafarers who are far from home and family, in a harsh environment and under constant pressure, far from specialized help and support, and increasing responsibility, has been much talked about and written about.
Mental health is an important part of the physical well-being on board a ship. And in the context of the ship and of working on board, we are not only talking about the well-being, the good feeling and the "good mood" of a single person/seafarer, but also about the safety of the whole ship at certain times.

Unfortunately, psychological problems on board are all too common and manifest themselves in many ways, often combining psychological, behavioral and physical symptoms in a complex way. They range from minor and short episodes - which can be treated - to protracted and life-threatening conditions, and sometimes to acute and life-threatening crises. Depression can lead to suicide, a tragic loss of life as a result of a situation that could have been prevented or resolved.

It is not always the case that the mental state is extremely serious or life-threatening, but if not dealt with in a timely and professional manner, it can escalate and become dangerous.
The goal of this program is to introduce the concept of stress and how it affects our mental strength and resilience and thus our behavior. The program is aimed at both restoring mental and physical health and being prepared for situations and circumstances that can negatively affect mental and physical health.


The subjects during this 5-days program:

  • behavior and communication styles

  • stress management (cause/regulation/prevention)

  • in and- outdoor activities

  • leadership

  • self knowledge, self confidence, self esteem

  • HearthMath method

  • HRV and Hearth coherence

  • and a lot more...

This 5-days program includes:

  • 4 overnight stays

  • breakfast/lunches/diners etc.

  • personal Q4 profile

  • personal notebook

  • personal KeyCard

  • inspiration/motivation/experience/confrontation/knowledge and also fun!