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Mental (Health) Power Program

Stress and mental health

An increasingly complex society does accelerate the rhythm of our daily lives more and more. Continuously  we are given the choice, fight of flight!

Under favorable conditions, stress is not a problem. However, when faced with a challenge or a stressful situation, it is about how we respond - emotionally and/or physically. Thus, it is possible that the positive voltage is changed to negative voltage.

Our modern lifestyles causes many people an increased stress level. This in combination with work, mental pressure, lack of exercise and often an unhealthy diet, always leads to more fatigue, various health problems and reduced performance. Obesity, high blood pressure, (starting) diabetes, high cholesterol levels and increased inflammation in the blood are manifestations of the Metabolic Syndrome, a major risk factor for future disease and failure.

The objective of this program is to introduce the concept of stress and how this affects our mental strength and resilience and thus our behavior. In this program participants, in addition to the theory, will learn how to recognize stress, how to deal with it and how to regulate it. A change in lifestyle is much to be gained, this program is the start for participants to implement the necessary changes for mentally well-being and resilience.

The subjects during this 5-days program:

  • behavior and communication styles

  • stress management (cause/regulation/prevention)

  • in and- outdoor activities

  • leadership

  • self knowledge, self confidence

  • HearthMath method

  • HRV and Hearth coherence

  • and a lot more...

This 5-days program includes:

  • 4 overnight stays

  • breakfast/lunches/diners etc.

  • personal Q4 profile

  • personal notebook

  • personal KeyCard

  • inspiration/motivation/experience/confrontation/knowledge and also fun!