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Individual Behavioral Observation Program

Duration 2 days - 1 (one) participant.

Place of observation: (Maritime) simulation center in the Netherlands or Germany.

Target audience: Managers/Executives/Employees - Marine, Offshore, Transportation and other industries.

This program can be requested by the client for observing an employee in simulated work situations. The employee will be observed specifically on his/her behavior, actions and mental condition. For employees in the Maritime and Offshore sector, the observation can be done in addition to an assessment or (re)performed during a BRM/ERM training.

Prior to the observation, the employee will receive a personal access code for the online questionnaire for his/her personal profile. After the observation the employee will be personally informed and receives a confidential report containing the findings before, during and after the observation. This report will contain specific information about behavior, act/or not act in various simulated situations and circumstances, manner of communication and response, mental toughness (resistance to stress) and general mental condition of the employee. If necessary or desired, the employee can make use of a personal coaching program till 30 days after date of observation.

For the Maritime and Offshore sector, the observation can be performed during a bridge/engine room simulation program (BRM/ERM). The findings may help in evaluating (new) employees for a specific function and/or promotion.

Even when (re)assessment of an employee after (mental) illness or (behavioral) incidents, an individual observation can be very usefully.

If necessary, after consultation and with written approval of the client (employer), also coaching/counseling can be provided for a longer period.

An other option is to participate in the Mental (Health) Power Program.


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