"The success of a team is depending of the continue development of the individual".

"Every organization has - and continues to establish - work arrangements and procedures. About how and when to act in special situations and dangerous circumstances.

During exercises that usually take place in favorable and controlled situations, the so-called 'desired' (deliberate) conduct is shown most of the time.

However, in practical and serious situations - in the euphoria of the moment and in stressful or life-threatening situations - people often decide differently than what has been learned from all those procedures and regulations."

During the exercises of all these procedures and regulations they forget the most important part, namely the Human Element!"

"As much as 80% of our behavior is subconscious. This means that unintentional motivation determines most of what we do.

People's behavior can change drastically when circumstances change. No matter how clear the work and  safety procedures are, , it always comes down to human action in all situations and in any conceivable circumstances."

"The first and most important step in personal development, is getting insight into our conscious and subconscious motives, by use of an personal intrinsic motivation profile."

"The second step is to improve success and high performance as individual and the team, is to put the main focus on learning to recognize, acknowledge, understand and respect each others differences in behavior and communication and leadership. The third step is developing skills and aspects of attitude, by experiencing a flow of different learning tools.