GRIP on Behavior = GRIP on Safety

A program specifically developed for people who are in a (supervisory) assisting role within the companies organizations they work for, where this role means they are continuously involved with their own personal safety and the safety of others.


The working conditions of those people is usually diverse and in varying circumstances. Especially the people are expected to take correct decisions and react adequately when under pressure and effected by stress.

They are required at all times to keep contributing to general safety and communicating with colleagues, to give and receive directions, and to reflect and evaluate.

The subjects during this 4-days program:

  • behavior and communication styles

  • stress management (cause/regulation/prevention)

  • in and- outdoor activities

  • effective leadership

  • situation and safety awareness

  • mental strength and resilience

  • and a lot more...

This 4-days program includes:

  • 3 overnight stays

  • breakfast/lunches/diners etc.

  • personal Q4 profile

  • personal notebook

  • personal KeyCard

  • inspiration/motivation/experience/confrontation/knowledge and also fun!