CCM - Coaching - Counseling - Mediation

Coaching/counseling and mediation can be provided for a longer period.

Intake goes online.
Target audience: All executive levels of all industries.

Special for maritime & offshore employees: First session will be onboard the ship - in a harbor in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.
All following sessions will be online or when possible on shore.

A personal coaching/counseling program is very usefully by developing personal growth, effective communication skills, social and emotional intelligence, personal and executive leadership, etc.

Even after (mental) illness, an personal coaching/counseling program will be very usefully.

We see personal coaching as an individual process of personal development. And the first step of personal development starts with yourself!
Self-knowledge and insight into the other, makes the world more understandable for people. What are your strengths, your pitfalls, blind spots or points of development? Getting insight into yourself forms the basis for your personal development and growth.

Input of the coach: experience, positive energy, honest feedback, inspiration, confidentiality, reliability and questions that make you think!
Expected input from the coachee: The absolute will to improve!

For questions, appointment or quote: - +31 6 40384887