Behavior in Crisis-situations Program

Every organization has, and continues to establish, work arrangements and procedures. About how and when to act in special situations and dangerous circumstances. Despite all these work arrangements and procedures, things still go wrong often.

In crisis situations rational thought and action is no longer self-evident. The impact of feelings and/or emotions increases, causing the effectiveness in communication, cooperation and safety to decrease. People's behavior can change drastically when circumstances change, specially in crisis situations. No matter how clear the work and safety procedures are, it always comes down to human action (the crisis-manager) in all situations and any conceivable circumstances.

Gaining insights into our conscious and subconscious motives is the most important part of personal development. This together with understanding the behavior of colleagues, co-workers and others, allows you to take the next step towards successfully and effective leadership in controlling a crisis!

The subjects during this 4-days program:

  • behavior and communication styles

  • stress management (cause/regulation/prevention)

  • in and- outdoor activities

  • effective leadership

  • crisis-management and collaboration

  • situation and safety awareness

  • mental strength and resilience

  • and a lot more...

This 4-days program includes:

  • 3 overnight stays

  • breakfast/lunches/diners etc.

  • personal Q4 profile

  • personal notebook

  • personal KeyCard

  • inspiration/motivation/experience/confrontation/knowledge and also fun!