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HDEPP, HumanHorsePower, Atria-Learning&Development, Lloyd's-Register-Marine, BoumaMentalCoaching, BoBAV and Sheltra coaching & mediation, together we form a dynamic and powerful team.

Years of accumulated knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of behavior, psychology, leadership, communication, stress reduction & prevention, safety, coaching, education and training is brought together here.

All this knowledge, expertise and experience is built up at various companies and organizations such as the Military Forces, Police, Maritime, Offshore, Safety, Petrochemical and Construction Industry, Government and Business Services.

Eise J. Akker

Director/owner of HDEPP, key expertise:

Training specialist, Life Coach, behavior, stress regulation, intrinsic motivation, safety, team dynamics.

Roman Heil

Atria Learning & Development Portfolio Manager, key expertise: organizational/personal development programs, leadership simulations.

Rien Bouma

Owner of BoumaMentalCoaching, key expertise: Life Coach, behavior, coaching and guiding people to improve their daily functioning, and people with mental or physical disabilities such as ADHD, Autism and non-congenital brain disorder.

Eric Lammertsma

Owner of HumanHorsePower, key expertise: personal development of people in combination with horses, organizational development in policies, strategy and efficiency.

Thomas Zeferer

Lloyd's Register Marine & Offshore, Manager Marine Training Services, key expertise: maritime management systems, procedural changes, risk management.

Peter Boeijer

Owner of BoBAV, key expertise: industrial safety, behavior, operations management, process safety, skilled in Petrochemical, ISO 14001, management consultancy.

Petra Zijderveld

Owner of Sheltra coaching & mediation, key expertise: International NLP Master Trainer and Systemic Coach (Family & Organization), MfN Register Mediator, Consultant, trainer, coach, mediator of individuals, teams and organizations.